Speaker's Corner

The Speaker of Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature: Hon Busisiwe Shiba



Constitutional mandate of the Speaker:


•      The Speaker gives political direction in the Legislature;

•      The Speaker enforces the observance of all rules for preserving order during parliamentary


•      The Speaker advises Members of all parties, who consult him/her, on actions they propose taking in

        the House or upon any questions of order that are likely to arise during proceedings;

•      The Speaker interprets rules and regulations governing the allowances and other benefits of office

       determined for Members by the Head of State;

•      The Speaker authorises the requisitioning and control of all the facilities and services provided for

        Members in the building complex which houses the Members of the Provincial Legislature


•      The Speaker exercises control over the expenditure and the appropriation of moneys for the

       services of the Legislature concerned and has to make administrative decisions as are necessary

       for the proper servicing and functioning of the Legislature;

•      The Speaker exercises the function of Treasury





Office of the Speaker


The purpose is to provide political leadership, and management support to ensure effective functioning of the Legislature and the Office of the Speaker respectively towards the fulfilment of the constitutional mandate


Chief of Staff


The purpose is to provide effective and efficient support to the Executive Authority and ensure that the strategic and financial functions of the Division are executed.




The purpose is to advise the Executive Authority in exercising the Treasury function of the Legislature, and to oversee the implementation of prescripts related to financial matters.


Secretariat Services


The purpose is to provide professional advice and secretariat services to the Speakership in executing political and constitutional responsibilities.


Members’ Affairs and Political Support


The purpose is to provide professional and administrative support services to Members in order to fulfil the constitutional mandate of the Legislature.


 Inter-parliamentary Relations and Parliamentary Advisory Services


The purpose is to provide professional parliamentary advisory and protocol services in support of the core business of the Legislature.


Hon. Busisiwe Shiba

Speaker:  Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature



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