List of Portfolio Committees



Purpose of the memo


To give a progress report on the implementation of the reconfigured structure for the support to Parliamentary Committees.




The Legislative Sector adopted the Sector Oversight Model (SOM) in an effort to strengthen the oversight mandate of the Legislature.  Subsequently Legislatures were required to customise the SOM to their respective unique circumstances; hence, we have the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature Oversight Model (MPLOM) that was adopted in 2016 even though the principles of SOM were applied since its adoption. The MPLOM requires that a team (Coordinator, Researcher, Information Officer, Committee Secretary and others) supporting a committee be under one Committee Support Manager. This view assists in the better coordination of a committee’s work and also improves the quality thereof.


The management of the Legislature presented the proposal of the reconfiguration of the committees’ support to the Legislature Service Board on its meeting of 7 March 2018. The Board approved the proposal and gave management the due date of 30 April 2018 to finalise the structure for implementation thereafter. The management complied with the due date of the Board, the structure has now been finalised and it is ready for implementation.


Accordingly, the Organisational structure was then updated to reflect the reconfiguration of the committee support and also effected the allocation of support staff which was done as follows:


Allocation of Management Support for Parliamentary Committees according to the Reconfigured structure






1.1 Governance (Select Committees on Rules, Select Committee on Programming & Prioritization, Select Committee of Chairpersons         and the NCOP function)


             Manager: Ms. HENDRIETA DAVIS

             Support Staff: Ms. NP Mbalo (NCOP - Cape Town)

               Mr. NU Kozathi (NCOP - Cape Town)

                                  Mr. SCM Skomolo (NCOP - Legislature)

                                  Ms. ND Khoza (Executive Secretary to Chairperson)


1.2 Portfolio Committee on Education; Culture, Sports & Recreation


            Manager: MR. ANDRIES MATSANE

       Support Staff: Ms. MN Varda - Committee Coordinator

                              Mr. MS Mkhombo - Researcher for Education

                Mr. M Mhlanga- Researcher for Culture, Sport and Recreation

              Ms. C Koekemoer - Secretary to the Committee


1.3 Portfolio Committee on Health; Social Development & Select Committee on Women, Youth, Children & People with Disabilities


        Manager: MR LIDEC MTHUNYWA

        Support Staff: Ms. TE Rambau - Committee Coordinator

    Mr. AE Mndebele - Committee Coordinator

                               Mr. M Vilakazi - Researcher for Health

                 Ms. N Msibi- Researcher for Social Development

               Ms. MN Mbuyane - Secretary to the Committee


1.4 Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements & CoGTA


            Manager: MS THANDI NDLALA

       Support Staff: Ms. GP Mkhwebu - Committee Coordinator

                               Mr. S Msibi - Researcher for CoGTA

                 Ms. P Makhubela - Researcher for Human Settlements

              Ms. LC Nyalunga - Secretary to the Committee







         Senior Manager: MR LUKA SANDHLANE


2.1 Portfolio Committee on Finance; Economic Development


             Manager: MS PRUDENCE KOLA

        Support Staff: Ms. C Williams - Committee Coordinator

                    Mr. N Gwebu - Researcher for Economic Development, MEGA, MER

                    Ms. L Mohube – Researcher for Finance and MTPA

    Ms. N Thulare- Secretary to the Committee


2.2 Portfolio Committee on Agriculture; Public Works; Community Safety & Liaison


             Manager: MR GAB MATHEBULA

        Support Staff: Ms. P Mahlangu - Committee Coordinator

                      Ms. ST Molema - Committee Coordinator for Public Works

                      Mr. P Maluka - Researcher for Agriculture

        Ms. N Nzima - Researcher for Public Works

                      Ms. P Nxumalo - Researcher for Community Safety

      Ms. N Themba - Secretary to the Committee (Agriculture)

      Ms. M Ndimande - Secretary to the Committee (Public Works)


2.3 Portfolio Committee on Premier’s Office; Legislature and Select Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)


             Manager: MS EGGY THABANE

        Support Staff: Ms. C Chiloane - Committee Coordinator

                             Mr. HK Moselakgomo - Committee Coordinator

                             Ms. JH Mnguni - Committee Coordinator

                Vacant - Researcher for Premier and Legislature

              Ms. M Maseko - Secretary to the Committee

                                  (SCOPA will be supported by all Committee Researchers)


Effective date for the implementation of the structure


The reviewed and aligned structure is implemented with immediate effect (piloted for perfection in the 6th Legislature) and management will put measures in place to ensure that there are no disruptions to the support of committees.






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